Location: Pindos – Meteora – Greece
Start: Meteora – 25 October 2013
End: Meteora – 29 October 2013
Route: Adventure Trophy type – Single car

Event Description

For our friends who enjoy extreme Off-Road driving, we design a spectacular 4x4 pilot event, where you can test your combined skills of off-road driving, endurance, navigation and adventurous spirit.
Outstanding natural beauty area is waiting for you. The route includes some extremely difficult and challenging sections, without any the help of additional support on the route.

This will be a Pilot event, to present Pindos area, our idea and also to get feedback and to gather media data.


The event is organized for amateur 4X4 drivers who have held a valid driving license for a minimum of one year. The participants are to be organized in one car teams. Each car must have a Driver and Navigator.

For the pilot event the cars have to be 4X4 fully road legal, with number plates, insured and also fully prepared for off-road, including safety roll-cages, winch and off-road tyres.

ATV teams are also welcomed to participate. Each ATV team must have at least to two riders with two 4X4 ATVs. The ATVs must be equipped with winches.

The Route

The route will cover a total distance of approximately 70-120 Km/day through the famous Pindos mountains – around the area of Meteora.

The difficulty level will be extreme and adventurous. The route is going to be difficult but drivable. In order to follow the correct route the co-pilot must navigate with the use of a road book, which will be distributed to each car at the start of each day.

Pindos Adventure Trophy
Pilot Event 2013 - Route

All obstacles along the route will be 100% natural and not man made. In order to complete the route, you will need skills of orientation, endurance, teamwork and driving ability.

The cars will get and use a GPS live tracker.

Off-Road Trailtrack GPS Tracker

We will provide you with Off-Road’s TrailTrack GPS trackers for the whole event. The purpose is to have live feedback (using gprs data transmission), as where the car is every moment, to check respect of the speed limits and finally to check the route that the team has followed each day.

Pindos Adventure Trophy
Pilot Event 2013 - TrailTrack

Rental fee is 30 euros per car for the whole event. You are responsible for them through the whole event. You have to check that trackers are on and working through the whole event. We will need a female cigarette plug (12v) that provides constant power. TrailTrack GPS Trackers are going to be placed at the front windshield.

We have to underline that apart from live data, TrailTrack keeps also detailed data for the route that you have followed as well as your speed. Crew is obligated to respect the speed limits with penalties that can be up to the exclusion from the event.

Road Book and our route design principals

We have a long history, dating back to 2003, of designing top quality road books, from Rallies and Rally Raids to special events. We use our inhouse road book application TrailMaster as to present the road books.

GPS and Satellite is the state of the art nowadays, but even this, cannot replace knowledge that comes with hard work, when you actually walk in one area.

Pindos Trophy Pilot Event - Road Book

To provide you with a constant, equal level of route difficulties, we start designing walking through the forest. We follow the labyrinth on each direction and finally we choose the appropriate paths, which meet the requirements we have set. The limit set can be from easy to very extreme. The easy job is to make an extreme – nearly unpassable route. The difficult job is to weigh each natural obstacle and choose the ones that provide more fun! This year’s route is designed with these principals in mind: Route has to be difficult but drivable in dry weather.

Now after the first scouting, we return with a team of cars having actually passed the route and we sketch the road book. This is the funniest time, as we actually “make” the route!

We return back to our off-road office and then, using TrailMaster, we digitise the road book. After this, another visit to the track is waiting for us to check the digital draft. Any corrections required at this step, mean that we have to go back, make the corrections and then return again for another check.

Finally if everything is ok, the road book is ready for you!

Food & Accommodation

Hotel Famissi Eden (famissiedenhotel.com), will provide accommodation and food from 12:00 noon of October 25th through 11:00 in morning of October 29th. This includes breakfast, a snack for the day and dinner, without any beverages or alcohol drinks. Accommodation cost is calculated per two persons in a double room. Each car has a limited space in the parking area of the hotel, to use through the whole event. For service crew and friends of the team please contact us.

Pindos Trophy pilot event
2013 - Accommodation


Each car should carry at the beginning of each day enough fuel to cover at least 170 kms of off-road terrain. There are many gas stations close to the hotel and the local prices are around 1.7 euro/liter for gasoline and 1.4 euro/liter for diesel.

Car washing – Car service

Car washing / cleaning in the parking area, is strictly forbidden. You will find washing services in the gas stations near the hotel. (walking distance).

You can service the car in the parking area, but it is forbidden to pollute the area with oil/diesel/gasoline etc. Please drop your garbage into the provided bins and dispose the used oil etc at the places provided in the gas stations.
It is forbidden to test cars/engines in the area of the hotel parking. It is forbidden to make noise during quiet hours (22:30-07:00).

In case special services will be needed, we can direct you to service areas/shops near the hotel.
Please respect the place.

Medical Assistance

A medically qualified member of personnel will accompany the entire event. Participants should have their own personal medical insurance.  If participants require regular medication they must assume responsibility to provide their own medical supplies.

Technical Assistance

Teams are permitted to receive technical assistance & support at the end of each day and prior to the start of the following day. During each day teams may only use tools and parts carried by participating cars.
Any person accompanying Driver/Navigator (Technical staff or spectators) is welcomed. Please communicate with us for the details.

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