Pindos Mountain Range


Pindos mountain range is located in northern Greece and is the biggest mountain range in the country.

The mountain range stretches from near the Greek-Albanian borders in Northern Epirus, entering Epirus and Macedonia regions in northern Greece, down to the north of the Peloponnese. It is roughly 160 km long, with a maximum elevation of 2,637 m (Mount Smolikas) and is considered to be the backbone of mainland Greece.

Pindos mountains are the extension of the European Alps on the Greek grounds, from geological aspect, and this volcanic mountain range dates back 65.000.000 years. 
Pindos mountains are full of steep slopes and deep canyons, while four rivers source from them. Arachthos, Aoos, Acheloos and Pinios.

Pinios river, flowing through the region of Meteora, is the third longest river in Greece (215km).


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