Getting here: Greece was never so -Trophy- near!


Think about it.
Normally you are running until the last moment to prepare the car and then to drive a lot of kilometers to reach the camp and then you also have to prepare the camp and then you are -maybe- ready to think about the race.

The truth is that you are already dead tired before a Trophy starts!

Now with ferry crossing and the hotel you would have more time to relax and to be prepared. Just concentrate in the Trophy!

We have arranged the schedule, so to take advantage of both weekends before and after the trophy to be used as transfer time. From Central Europe you would take the ferry crossing. Like this you will have time to relax on board before and after the trophy and to be really fresh!


Cut the cost down!

Start with just your car and the pilot/co-pilot deck cross from as low as 300euros come and return with the discounts applied. Or add your service team / truck and plan your luxury ferry time as you like.

See detailed official prices here, book your place in the Trophy and get the discounts. Discounts are available also for Trucks.

See bellow our detailed time tables*  and distances from European cities.

Via Trieste
Trieste – Igoumenitsa, November 1st
Take the ferry from Trieste at 05:30 (early morning) of Sat 1 November; arrive at Igoumenitsa at 08:30 of Sun 2 Nov.

Igoumenitsa – Trieste, November 8th
Take the ferry from Igoumenitsa at 23:59 of Sat 8 Nov (late night); arrive at Trieste at 01:30 (early morning) of Mon 10 Nov.

Via Ancona
Ancona – Igoumenitsa, November 1st
Take the ferry from Ancona at 14:00 of Sat 1 Nov; arrive at Igoumenitsa at 08:30 of Sun 2 Nov.

Igoumenitsa – Ancona, November 8th
Take the ferry from Igoumenitsa at 23:59 (late night) of Sat 8 Nov; arrive at Ancona at 17:00 of Sun 9 Nov.

*The timetables are our suggestions; you could come earlier and/or leave later.

Vienna – Trieste 471 km


Brussels – Trieste 1280 km
Brussels – Ancona 1335 km


Sofia – Meteora direct by car 500km


Zagreb – Trieste 226 km

Czech Republic
Prague – Trieste 716 km

Paris – Ancona 1277 km
Paris – Trieste 1252 km

Munich – Trieste 513 km
Munich – Ancona 773 km
Berlin – Trieste 1100 km
Berlin – Ancona 1360 km

Budapest – Trieste 524 km
Budapest – Meteora direct by car 1095km

Rome – Ancona 306 km

With ferry from Haifa to Pireaus and then 350km by car


Amsterdam – Trieste 1344 km
Amsterdam – Ancona 1509 km

Warsaw – Trieste 1152km
Warsaw – Meteora direct by car 1793 km


Bucharest – Meteora direct by car 800 km


Moscow – Meteora direct by car 2780 km
Moscow – Trieste 2400km


United Kingdom
London – Ancona 1677 km
London – Trieste 1630 km

Barcelona – Ancona 1344 km
Barcelona – Trieste 1371 km
Madrid – Ancona 1947 km
Madrid – Trieste 1974 km

Istanbul – Meteora 860km


Ljubljana – Trieste 92 km

Zurich – Ancona 710 km
Zurich – Trieste 682 km